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June 30, 2017
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January 25, 2018
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Now what was my mistake?

Did you read my last post? You did not? Please read or you will not get the story ………..

Ok now to the topic .It all started when in our BNP (A business networking group which I am a member) group. When Hemant Bhai told that all our members should save all our members’ number in their phone. And help each other  get business reference to grow your business .It is the same time when I thought  why not make  a small video  for all members to share a VCF(The format in which  the  contacts are shared in phone and whatsapp).



Like this


Now a lot of people will ask what is so great of this tip even ,I know but just some tips like do not put  your name first but what you Deal into . Like  I deal into website , software and digital marketing  and then  suffix your  name . Change tags to show case your business this will help people easily.

Recollect your business. These tips got good response in whatsapp group   and with sheer excitement I posted it on my face book  page .This was my biggest mistake no not posting it to my fb page but not diverting traffic.

In spite of having a dynamic website/CMS site. I should have posted it on my site and then shared the link to face book but I directly posted it my page .All  my marketing efforts  were  lost .


I only realized it when is saw this


Stay   tuned   to our blog for the next post on dynamic sites and integrated marketing efforts

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