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January 11, 2016
July 17, 2017
As you all know today is a landmark day in Indian taxation as GST going to start from tomorrow and also the world social media day as recognized by Mashable

I just started a small idea where in I can share tips for your business and how to use online social media to grow your business these are simple tips which you can do in your free time just to grow your business.

Just trying my bit to give back hope it helps you. And your business

I made a mistake

Yes you read it I made a mistake, a huge blunder being in this industry working for so long it was never expected that I miss such a thing

Do you want to what was my mistake how I realized it Stay tuned to our blog for the next post
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Hope the suspense stays on till my next post.
Just for you to know my post will cover different topics like, digital marketing, websites, jokes, business and lots more.
Till then just look at this video I believe I must have posted it in fb but still Please share if you like

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