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Business Website

With Consumers becoming prosumers ie those whose who produce and consume information in forms of tweets,likes and so many gone are the days when you have customers at your shop ,Today's Modern customers are found in the World wide web .

Shaktiinfomedia is an custom Webdesign and development company .We provide custom as well as readymade websites based on your need .We develop complex to simple sites ,Dynamic to Static sites as per needs.

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Digital Marketing

The Growing Netizens have forced brands to think on utilizing the power of digital media for their businees .It has now become an imperative part of their business to promote on the Social and well as the Web . We specialise in SEO , SEM, PPC, SMO

We provide platform based SEO sloutions with hyper local targetng solutions.

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Mobile Apps

With mobiles and smartphones surge it has been the most important marketing tool for the marketers to utilize the same for their products .We have been specializing in developing apps in IOS, Android,Windows .

We develop cross platform Apps , Webapps, Native Apps , We Specialise in Android , IOS, Windows App Development .

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